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Welcome to the Delaware Skills Center

Picture of participants in a class.

For over 50 years, the Delaware Skills Center has provided Delaware citizens with vocational & technical job training. Through career readiness skills,adults are trained for immediate transition to work. The Delaware Skills Center strives to meet the needs of our customers, including students and business partners in the surrounding area.




We work closely with the Department of Labor to meet the current workforce needs within the three counties of Delaware. Our institution has proudly served the community as a leader in adult vocational technical training since 1962. We pride ourselves on our commitment to enhancing our student’s ability to compete in today’s job market by providing relevant career training in the following skilled trade areas: Construction, Mechanical, Computer Technology, and Health Care.

If you are under-employed, unemployed, or seeking a new skill, the Delaware Skill Center is where you want to be! Prospective students are encouraged to review our programs and complete our online application process. I invite you to explore our Day and Evening program listed above and take advantage of this opportunity to change your life.

I wish you much success, and hope you take advantage of this extremely wonderful opportunity!

Eric A. Wells